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North County Property Group will take all tenant maintenance requests on a 24/7 basis and handle all maintenance with no markup on invoices from service vendors. This is done through our maintenance request link in our Tenant Portal or in case of emergencies through our 24/7 maintenance answering service. Tenants are able to get in touch with the on-call property management staff with their maintenance requests at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

One of our unique qualifications for keeping your home well maintained is being a licensed General Contractor. That’s right, in addition to our Real Estate Broker license, we are also a California licensed General Contractor. As such, we have a robust list of subcontractors in all trades such as painters, electricians, plumbers, carpet installers, HVAC specialists, and appliance technicians.

When dispatching a maintenance vendor is required, we will obtain multiple estimates whenever reasonably possible. We also obtain prior approval from the property owner for any expenditure over an established maintenance limit, typically set at $250. Because of the volume we do with each of our vendors, you are assured of receiving fair and attractive estimates, quotes, and final invoices. Furthermore, North County Property Group guarantees that we do not add any fees or mark-up to vendor invoices for services and maintenance provided at your property. We pass the invoices straight through to you on your monthly accounting statement. You pay what the vendor charges. Many property management companies will markup invoices by 10% or more, but we do not. This is our No Markup Guarantee. Within the Standard Property Management Program, we do charge a flat $25 per workorder incident for maintenance facilitation. Within the Premium Property Management Program, maintenance facilitation is included at no charge.

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Managing a rental property can be stressful. The most common questions we get from owners of rental properties are “How do I get started, what are the steps, and how does it work?”

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We meet your specific needs through two property management programs, Standard and Premium, for transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

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