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Our Guarantees


We will take no start-up fees or funds from you for our property management services until we have a renter moved in and rent is collected. That’s right, you don’t pay us anything until we produce results for you. We do all of the heavy lifting – professional photography, build the property listing, market your home, showings, screen applications, draft the lease, and tenant move-in all before being paid a dime. We get paid when you get paid, that is our commitment and guarantee to you. You will know we are working hard to find a great renter because we stand behind our performance. The only exception is in cases of an owner’s contribution to pay for vendors to get your home “rent ready” in advance.


At North County Property Group, we want YOU to be completely satisfied with our service, communication, and responsiveness. We are so confident that you will be happy with us that we guarantee it! While it rarely happens that an owner wants to leave our business, if for any reason you are not completely happy with our services and want to leave us, you can cancel your property management agreement without penalty with 30-days notice. The notice period allows for a smooth and professional transition for the tenant, wrap up of any outstanding maintenance items and invoices, and assignment of the lease and security deposit funds properly over to you so we turn over a happy tenant.


Over two-thirds of all rental applicants will have a pet(s). When allowed in a rental home, we want our property owners to feel comfortable that the pet(s) has been screened, vetted, and approved by our property management team. As such, North County Property Group guarantees that homes under our management will be protected against damages caused by any pet approved by us. We will pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by an approved pet up to $2,500 (excluding service animals).

The following guarantees are further offered to our property owners as part of our Premium Program services:


We want to put your mind at ease that we are doing everything to find you a great tenant! We guarantee that North County Property Group will find a qualified tenant for your home within 30-days, or the first month of management fees are FREE!

  • Rental price must be set as NCPGs recommended level based on market comps and property condition factors
  • The home must be vacant (does not apply to furnished rentals)
  • Must allow approved pets (Maximum of 2)
  • The home must be “rent ready” for move-in
  • Does not apply to properties listed during two traditionally slow market seasons (holidays: 11/1 – 12/31; summer: 7/1 – 8/31)
  • Included in our Premium Program
  • N/A in our Standard Program


North County Property Group guarantees that a tenant we recommend will remain for a minimum of 12-months. There are times, due to life circumstances, when a tenant may seek early termination from a lease due to unforeseen reasons. Under certain conditions, North County Property Group may recommend that early termination be granted. In such situations, North County Property Group would work cooperatively with the tenant to start showing the home again to find a new tenant at an equal or greater rent rate with no new leasing charge to the owner.

  • Except for tenants receiving federal military orders for relocation.
  • Included in our Premium Program
  • N/A in our Standard Program


North County Property Group is confident in our screening and placement process to find a great tenant for your property. We guarantee that you will not have to pay out of pocket in the case of eviction, up to $2,500 in legal expenses and management time. Thanks to our screening process, evictions are such a rare occurrence at our company that we are confident offering this guarantee!

  • Must be a tenant screened, recommended, and placed in the property by North County Property Group
  • Included in our Premium Program
  • N/A in our Standard Program


In the unfortunate event that a tenant defaults on their rent, Rent Guarantee Insurance will reimburse an owner up to three months of lost rent when a tenant defaults. A tenant may default on their rent due to eviction, court order, change in military status or tenant death. North County Property Group will file a claim on behalf of you, the owner, and reimburse you the monthly rent while we relist the property and secure a qualified tenant.

  • Must be a tenant screened, recommended, and placed in the property by North County Property Group
  • Included in our Premium Program
  • N/A in our Standard Program

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