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Corporate Responsibility

Property Management Corporate Social Responsibility

At North County Property Group, we believe in Corporate Responsibility to be accountable for our actions to our stakeholders and local San Diego communities. We further strive to conduct our business in a way that manages our impact on the environment and pledges our support to the San Diego community through activities promoting fair housing and solutions to social problems such as low-income housing and discrimination. (Learn more about our Company Culture on the About Us page).

Philanthropic Commitment To Our Community

Beginning in 2019, North County Property Group committed their time and donations to give back to the local community in an effort to address low income housing and to help tenants in need during financial hardships. During the current times of COVID-19, North County Property Group has formed a direct giving fund called NCPG Cares for the benefit of tenants in need of assistance due to financial hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic. North County Property Group pledges to NCPG Cares, at least one percent of quarterly revenues or $100 ($50 cash / $50 of company volunteer time) for every new property added to our San Diego Property Management portfolio —whichever is more.

For more information, email us at: North County Property Group does not profit from pledges made. We plan to explore a charitable organization charter for NCPG Cares in the near future, but at this time any pledges should be considered a gift and cannot be considered tax deductible.

Habitat For Humanity Property Management DonationIn addition, North County Property Group supports the local San Diego Habitat for Humanity mission to provide low income families a patch to home ownership as “hand-up”, not a “hand out”. Families benefiting from the program must qualify by demonstrating their need for improved housing, the ability to repay a mortgage, and a commitment to contributing sweat equity of 250-500 hours toward the building of their own home. The homes are provided by the organization are built from donations of money, building materials, and volunteer labor. 

The local San Diego affiliate, San Diego Habitat for Humanity, serves our county and is an autonomous, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is governed locally, does its fundraising locally, and manages all build projects locally. 

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