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Five Minute Friday #54: Top Takeaways from the 2021 CALNARPM Conference

Bob Preston - Friday, March 19, 2021

For the listeners who know Bob and his involvement in the National Association of Real Estate Property Managers, NARPM, you will remember that he is currently the President of the California Chapter.  Last week was the CALNARPM annual conference and it was quite an event!  For those who were not able to attend, Bob is dedicating this week's FMF to a quick overview of the conference and provides his top takeaways.  Maybe this will convince you, even if you are not in the state of California, that it is a must attend next Spring, when the conference will next be held, hopefully in person as a live event in either Palm Springs or Napa Valley.

1) Great education opportunities – The conference had nineteen speakers on various topics related to being a landlord or property manager in the state of California.

2) Accessibility and low cost of attendance - This year the conference was conducted virtually, first time ever, due to the pandemic.  Because of the virtual platform, the costs were a lot lower which allowed  the cost of registration and attendance to be  way less than in previous years.

3) Legal updates -One thing that is always challenging in California is keeping up with new landlord and tenant laws and legislative action … ESPECIALLY during the current time of Covid 19, tenant protections, and eviction moratoriums.

4) Expert panel sharing – In addition to the great speakers, an expert panel talked about the juicy information that they learned, key nuggets and their top takeaways. This was in a sort of pro sports half-time show format and was super fun to be a part of and watch as the property management analysts deciphered the content from the workshops.

5) JP Pawlin-Fry - A big highlight of the conference was hearing our key note speaker, J. P. Pawliw-Fry. He is a psychologist and international performance coach to Olympic athletes and coaches, senior business leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and the CIA. Quite inspiring.

6) State of California representation from CAR, the DRE Auditor and FTB - This year we heard from the Chief Economist of the California Association of Realtors with insights on what to expect in 2021 in our real estate market. We also heard from the California Department of Real Estate how you should prepare in the event of an audit.  Finally, we heard about all of the obligations property managers face as a tax withholding agent from the Franchise Tax Board.

All in all a great event!  If you missed it, all the more reason to attend next year!

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