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Five Minute Friday #4: Responding to Rental Inquiries

Bob Preston - Friday, November 15, 2019

Once you start marketing a property available for rent, inquiries come at you from all directions. You’re answering phone calls, responding to texts, and replying to emails—at all hours of the day and night. So, what is the most efficient way to respond to rental inquiries and schedule property showings? Is there a way to automate some parts of the process?

On this Five Minute Friday, Bob walks us through North County Property Group’s system for responding to rental inquiries, explaining how their leasing department answers questions, conducts prescreening, and schedules showings. He describes the advanced marketing system they use to respond automatically to email inquiries with instructions for scheduling a showing online, ensuring that they don’t miss an opportunity to get the property rented.

Bob speaks to the efficiency of using an online scheduling tool synced with the leasing agent’s calendar, discussing how it allows prospective tenants to set up a showing at their convenience. Listen to learn how the North County team uses an online rental application to screen prospective tenants within minutes, using their specific rental criteria to collaborate with property owners on a decision.

Topics Covered

[0:40] Where to go for more information on responding to rental inquiries

[1:10] The complexity of answering phone calls, texts, and emails from prospective tenants and scheduling property showings

[1:34] North County Property Group’s efficient system for handling rental inquiries

[1:41] How North County’s leasing department answers questions, conducts prescreening, and schedules showings during leasing office hours

[1:59] How North County’s advanced marketing system automatically adds contact information from an email inquiry to its database and sends an autoresponder email with instructions for scheduling a showing

[2:24] How leasing agents can schedule a showing over the phone OR provide prospects with instructions for setting up a time online 

[2:44] The high degree of efficiency provided by an online scheduling tool and how it can be synced with the leasing agent’s calendar

[3:50] How prospective tenants can submit a rental application online and be screened for credit score, eviction history, and criminal background within minutes

[4:30] How the North County team uses its specific screening and rental criteria to collaborate with property owners on a decision

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