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Five Minute Friday #31: Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Bob Preston - Friday, June 26, 2020

In this episode 31 of Five Minute Friday, Bob shares with his listeners one of the most common questions he gets from prospective clients: are we locked into a long-term property management contract? The answer is and has been, for the 20-year history of his company, an emphatic "no".  Bob calls this his Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason a client is not satisfied, they can discontinue North County Property Group's services at any time on 30-day notice.

Bob further explains that from his perspective, life is too short to be in business relationships with people who are angry or dissatisfied. Besides, it rarely happens that an owner wants to cancel and it is a competitive advantage when bringing on new clients, especially when the property owner is coming from another property management company he has already fired. This cancellation policy holds Bob and his staff to what he calls an "SLA", or service level agreement to keep owners and tenants happy.

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