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The Property Management Brainstorm podcast show was created to provide information to homeowners and property investors looking to learn more about best practices in renting and managing their residential investment properties, tenants, and vendors. This podcast series is conducted in an interview discussion format by Bob Preston – president, owner and real estate broker of North County Property Group, a property management company located in Del Mar, CA. Bob will interview some of the top professionals and experts in their respective fields related to the real estate and property management industries with the goal of providing insight and best practices to maximize your property value and income while maintaining top notch tenant relations.

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FMF #30: Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Bob Preston - Friday, June 19, 2020

What is corporate responsibility and why is it important?  In episode #30 of FMF, Bob explains why he believes in the concept of corporate responsibility for his business as a property management company at North County Property Group. The objective is simple ... be accountable for our actions to our stakeholders and local communities.

During the current times of COVID-19, Bob explains how North County Property Group began to rethink its philanthropic pledging as part of their corporate responsibility program. The company decided to start its own direct giving fund called NCPG Cares for the benefit of tenants in need of assistance due to financial hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic. Have a listen to learn more about NCPG Cares and how the company makes a contribution each time a new property is added to their San Diego property management portfolio.

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