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Five Minute Friday #2: Property Management Maintenance Facilitation

Bob Preston - Friday, November 1, 2019

Five Minute Fridays are bonus "mini-episodes" of Property Management Brainstorm in which Bob covers a pertinent topic of property management or being a landlord, every Friday, in about five minutes or less. In this episode, Bob covers two questions frequently asked by landlords - "how is maintenance handled?" and “are there any mandatory property maintenance items performed regularly”. Bob answers these questions in the context of his own San Diego property management company, North County Property Group and mindful of State of California landlord-tenant law.

Bob discusses how property management companies handle facilitation of all property repairs & maintenance. In addition to being a licensed Real Estate Broker, Bob is also a licensed General Contractor, and through his affiliated maintenance company, called “MaintenanceSync”, his property management company has a robust set of vetted sub-contractors in every trade, ready to handle repairs and maintenance.

Prior approval is always obtained from the property owner for any expenditure over what is known as the maintenance limit (typically set at $500). He also explains the need for judgement in emergency situations if action is needed quickly to protect a property and the safety of a tenant.

Bob also describes the maintenance areas that are mandatory at every property on a regular basis.

1. HVAC system checks (heating and air conditioning) are completed annually and include:

  • Thermostat, wiring, and burners
  • Blower compartment
  • Air Filters
  • Heat exchanger/ignition
  • Cooling and Freon levels if there is installed A/C

2. Re-keying properties and Smoke/Carbon Detector testing are also conducted at every property following a tenant move-out and prior to a new tenant occupying the unit. 

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