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Episode 49: Process Automation in Property Management, Featuring Heather Park of RentBridge

Bob Preston - Thursday, November 19, 2020

Bob has been addressing "process" in the past few episodes, speaking to why it is so important in property management. But what if many of those processes could be “automated”? The concept is to let technology handle your repetitive tasks. Might this allow your property management business to work smarter, not harder?  In this Episode 49 of Property Management Brainstorm, Bob discusses this topic with Heather Park, Co-founder and Managing Partner at RentBridge. They will be speaking about how to bring daily aspects of property management into a system that automates day-to-day business.

Topics Covered

[2:25] Heather introduces herself and the core concept behind RentBridge.

[5:00] What is the technology behind the RentBridge platform?

[6:55] The concept can seem a bit abstract. Heather gives a concrete example of lease renewals to explain how process automation works.

[11:25] Heather explains how "tickets" work within the scenario of internal property management tasks.

[13:25] Utilizing "lagging indicators" vs. "leading indicators" in running a property management business.

[15:30] Property Management Operation System (PMOS), how it integrates with property management software, and what it does within the RentBridge platform.

[19:05] Where does a company start with automating their property management processes and how long does it take?

[23:05] Some property managers might be afraid of losing the human element when automating processes. How much is too much?

[27:10] Is there a typical profile that makes a good fit for process automation?

[29:45] Where RentBridge fits within the spectrum of available process solutions in the market.

[34:55] Heather shares a story about how she found her way into property management and how it has changed her life.

[38:45] Parting thoughts and how to get in touch with RentBridge.

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