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Episode 47: Property Management Processes, Featuring Jordan Muela, CEO at Lead Simple

Bob Preston - Thursday, October 15, 2020

What is a "process" and why do we need it as a landlord or property management company? Webster’s defines process as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. All you property managers out there, sound familiar? Our daily workflow in this business requires us to follow certain steps for several reasons: legal compliance, efficiency, profitability to name just a few. Think of the activities in our jobs which need to stay streamlined: business development, owner onboarding, move-ins/outs, rent collection, evictions, and more. On today's episode, Bob discusses the need for property management processes with Jordan Muela, CEO at Lead Simple.

Topics Covered

[2:45] Jordan introduces himself, his various business ventures related to property management, and Lead Simple's new workflow solutions module to help bring process to the property management lifecycle.

[7:25] Is a process the same or different from a checklist, workflow, standard operating procedure, or system?

[9:20] Why are processes so critical in a property management company?

[12:50] A process can’t be “set it and forget it”.

[16:00] How having processes documented can help with risk management in a property management company.

[18:20] Where to property managers start in writing their processes?

[21:15] Jordan explains how the Lead Simple process solution fits in the market with its unique differentiation.

[25:35] Jordan tells the story of how he has learned to confront conflict openly and transparently in his organizations.

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