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Episode 45: Hosting Landlord Seminars, Featuring Mike Connolly, Broker/Owner of East Bay Property Management

Bob Preston - Thursday, September 17, 2020

This episode is dedicated to property managers wanting to grown their business. Bob discusses hosting landlord seminars with Mike Connolly, Broker/Owner at East Bay Property Management of Freemont, CA. Mike's company has successfully hosted landlord seminars to bolster their business development efforts and grow their rental property portfolio.  Heading into the Fall of 2020, the market may be ripe for gaining new property management clients. Many self-managers of rental properties are not sure how to lease a property at tenant turnover within CDC measures for COVID-19 safety?  Might landlord seminars be an approach for you to bring in new clients to your property management business?
Topics Covered

[3:25] Mike tells listeners about himself and his business at East Bay Property Management.

[7:15] Bob and Mike discuss the concept and premise of landlord seminars and why someone would want to attend.

[11:20] How frequently should landlord seminars be hosted and what is the ideal length to keep the attention of attendees?

[14:03] Mike explains his typical agenda for a landlord seminar and his “open kimono” approach to sharing everything he knows.

[15:45] Who is invited to attend and how can a property management company reach them?

[18:30] Is the market ripe for brining on new property management clients in the Fall of 2020 in the era of COVID-19?

[20:47] Take aways Mike provides to attendees upon leaving.

[24:05] If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

[26:10] Mike tells a great story about meeting his wife and the humorous irony of where the wedding was held.

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