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Episode 44: Setting Up Utilities for a Tenant Move-in, Featuring Peter Hernandez of Citizen Home Solutions

Bob Preston - Thursday, September 3, 2020

As landlords and property managers, have you ever experienced the dreaded “blackout” at your rental property when the tenant utility transfer was not handled properly? This is when you arrive to move your tenant into the home and guess what ... no power!  Even worse is getting a bill a month later and discovering that the transfer never happened and you’re now being billed for tenant’s utility usage. On this episode of Property Management Brainstorm, Bob discusses the process of setting up utilities for a tenant of your rental home and making sure it happens right every time. His guest is Peter Hernandez of Citizen Home Solutions. Peter explains their concierge service for reaching out to tenants and working with with them on the phone to get all utilities established.
Topics Covered

[2:30] Peter Hernandez introduces himself and describes the services provided by Citizen Home Solutions.

[5:50] What is "concierge utility service"?.

[8:25] The tenant experience when setting up utilities through Citizen Home Solutions.

[11:45] Matching the tenant with the right utility services in their geographic area.

[15:30] What happens when the utility provider requires an application, deposit, or in person visit?.

[23:50] Benefits of the Citizen Home Solutions service to the property management company and landlord.

[28:30]  What is required from the property manager or landlord to get the process started for the tenant?

[32:30] Peter shares the story of the Property Management Health group on Facebook and what it has done for his own personal health.

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