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The Property Management Brainstorm podcast show was created to provide information to homeowners and property investors looking to learn more about best practices in renting and managing their residential investment properties, tenants, and vendors. This podcast series is conducted in an interview discussion format by Bob Preston – president, owner and real estate broker of North County Property Group, a property management company located in Del Mar, CA. Bob will interview some of the top professionals and experts in their respective fields related to the real estate and property management industries with the goal of providing insight and best practices to maximize your property value and income while maintaining top notch tenant relations.

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Episode 41: Zero Deposit Leasing, featuring Derek Merrill, CEO at LeaseLock

Bob Preston - Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bob continues a series of podcast episodes dedicated to the topic of security deposits. For most landlords, security deposits continue to be a highly challenging aspect of leasing rental properties. Laws are changing, tenant move-in costs can be prohibitive, and security deposit deductions can often lead to conflict. Bob discusses these challenges with Derek Merrill, Co-founder and CEO at LeaseLock, a company promising to eliminate the need for security deposits.  

Topics Covered

[2:20] Introduction to Derek Merrill, LeaseLock and the concept of "zero deposits" through their Lease Insurance products.

[8:00] Landlord/tenant laws having an impact on alternative approaches to security deposits..  

[12:00] Are flexible financial aspects of leasing here to stay due to COVID-19 pandemic?

[16:15] Derek explains the competitive differentiation of Lease Insurance when compared to surety bonds and other solutions.  

[21:00] The process of filing claims through LeaseLock is discussed as opposed to deducting charges from security deposits.

[24:35] Derek describes a full scenario of how Lease Insurance works from start to finish during the course of a tenant's lease.

[34:00] Derek shares a story about the mission for LeaseLock and the positive impact they are having on tenants who are in need of financial assistance in obtaining a rental property.

[37:40] Final words on what the new generation will demand in terms of the speed and ease of leasing a rental property.

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LeaseLock Website

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North County Property Group

Resources Mentioned
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