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Episode 39: Say Goodbye to Security Deposits, Featuring Casey Winter of Obligo

Bob Preston - Friday, May 29, 2020

As a landlord or property manager, have you ever wondered what it would be like to rid yourself of the need for security deposits? For most landlords, security deposits are one of the most challenging aspects of managing a rental property. It can be conflict laden at the end of a lease and in most states there are rigid regulations and laws which must be followed on when and how the deposit needs to be returned to the tenant. On this episode, Bob's guest is Casey Winter, Vice President of Partnerships at Obligo, a company which provides a way for people like us, landlords and property managers, to rid ourselves from the burden of security deposits.

Topics Covered

[2:35] Casey tells us about himself and what Obligo is all about.

[4:45] Bob and Casey discuss the pros and cons of insurance solutions and surety bond products for replacing security deposits.

[9:15] Open banking technology and how it helps Obligo provide their "deposit free" leasing solution.

[13:00] What are the costs, who pays, and are there processing fees?

[15:45] Casey explains why most tenants are eager to participate in their deposit free program.

[17:50] Bob asks Casey to take listeners through a start-to-finish scenario of how Obligo works and the associated workflow for tenants and landlords.

[21:15] How Obligo qualifies a tenant for participation in the deposit fee program.

[23:45] Why Obligo reduces the burden of move-in costs for a tenant.

[29:15] Where is Obligo offered and in which states is it available?

[36:15] Casey shares his thought on weathering the storm during the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging stronger when we come out on the other end.

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