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The Property Management Brainstorm podcast show was created to provide information to homeowners and property investors looking to learn more about best practices in renting and managing their residential investment properties, tenants, and vendors. This podcast series is conducted in an interview discussion format by Bob Preston – president, owner and real estate broker of North County Property Group, a property management company located in Del Mar, CA. Bob will interview some of the top professionals and experts in their respective fields related to the real estate and property management industries with the goal of providing insight and best practices to maximize your property value and income while maintaining top notch tenant relations.

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Episode 38: Tackling the Housing Crisis, Featuring Todd Gloria, California State Assemblymember and Candidate for Mayor of San Diego

Bob Preston - Thursday, May 14, 2020

In the State of California and many cities throughout the country, including right here in San Diego, a housing crisis has emerged in which many citizens have become homeless or live in substandard housing. Simply put, housing that people can afford may now be more out of reach than ever. On this episode, Bob discusses the housing crisis with California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria. Assemblymember Gloria is also running for Mayor of San Diego, on the ballot in the November 2020 election.

Topics Covered

[2:30] Todd introduces himself and talks about his journey toward a career in San Diego and State of California public service.

[6:00] Bob and Todd discuss the 60 Minutes segment about the housing and homeless crisis in Seattle and how it compares to what is going on in San Diego.

[8:00] Caring for the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[15:00] New housing development needed to keep up with population growth in California.

[17:55] The CASA Act and other Assembly Bills championed by Todd to prioritize affordable housing..

[26:00] Tackling the housing crisis in San Diego.

[30:45] The Tenant Protection Act - Rent Caps and AB 1482.

[33:00] Vacation Rentals and the need for regulation in San Diego.

[37:10] The budget shortfall facing San Diego and how Todd will manage it if elected Mayor.

[39:30] Todd comments on being the first LGBTQ and person of color if elected as Mayor of California.

Connect with Todd

Todd Gloria for San Diego Mayor
Assemblymember Todd Gloria District 78
Email: c a m p a i g n @ t o d d g l o r i a . c o m

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North County Property Group


Tackling Our Housing Crisis - By Todd Gloria

Episode Transcript

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