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Episode 24: Tenant Turnover Issues Solved, Featuring James Barrett of Tenant Turner

Bob Preston - Thursday, October 31, 2019

Anyone who manages rental properties knows first-hand how much hassle is involved with tenant turnover. From advertising to lease signing, it takes a top-notch team to do it effectively at scale.

Bob’s guest today is James Barrett, co-founder of Tenant Turner, a software application that takes the hassle out of tenant turnover in very intuitive ways. Listen to learn about how property inquiries receive an immediate response, how applications can immediately be assessed for potential tenant fit, and how self-showings can change the game for property owners.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:20] The multi-faceted challenge of turning over a property for a new tenant
  • [3:22] Tenant Turner came to be out of a personal need James and his co-founders had
  • [6:05] How Tenant Turner serves property rental companies and property owners
  • [9:15] A peek inside the inner workings of Tenant Turner
  • [16:18] Traditional ways that landlords show properties to potential tenants
  • [19:43] Hosted showings run through the Tenant Turner system
  • [21:50] Electronic lockboxes can make a huge difference 
  • [24:23] The significant value of self-showings
  • [33:54] Auto responses any time of day

Make it easy for prospective tenants to inquire about your property

The Tenant Turner system, used by Bob at North County Property Group, provides automated responses to all inquiries immediately, even after hours, via email or text. Much of the back and forth communication is removed with this one, automated step.

Sign up for Tenant Turner and receive a $50 discount at this link to Tenant Turner or call them at 888-976-4638, and use the code word "brainstorm".

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