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Episode 22: A Better Way To Handle Rental Property Maintenance, with Ray Hespen of Property Meld

Bob Preston - Thursday, October 3, 2019

Rental property maintenance is no small issue and is typically a challenging aspect for property owners, property management companies, or tenants. Bob’s guest on this episode wants to help drive the world towards the new and believes that "maintenance shouldn't be so hard". On today’s episode, co‐founder and CEO of Property Meld, Ray Hespen joins Bob for a conversation about the importance of well-managed and effective property maintenance.

It is important to understand that the people who rent properties are doing so in part because they don’t want the headaches that come with owning a home. They rent so that someone else, such as the property management company, takes care of issues when they arise. Because this, speed and precision are of the utmost importance when handling maintenance issues. If they aren’t addressed quickly and effectively, renters choose not to renew their lease for that property. Statistics back it up. On this episode, learn how automated systems can help you keep renters happy in spite of the maintenance issues that arise in their units.

Two of the trouble-spots when it comes to the vendor’s side of rental property maintenance are scheduling a time with the renter for the repair to be done and communication with the owner or property manager about the status of the issue. Automation makes both sides of that equation easy and automatic. In the Property Meld system, vendors can easily communicate with the tenant, update the status of repair issues, and mark the job as “done” when they are finished.

Listen to learn about this amazing service - and hear how it could increase your bottom-line as a property owner or property manager.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:05] Ray’s experience and the origin of Property Meld
  • [8:01] The “consistently inconsistent” property maintenance story
  • [10:25] The Property Meld way of rental property maintenance VS the old way
  • [19:01] Confirming that a repair was done is harder than it sounds
  • [22:30] How an automated maintenance system nurtures relationships with vendors
  • [30:05] The best advice for those dealing with property maintenance

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