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Property Management Brainstorm is a top ranked podcast, hosted by Bob Preston, RMP®, featuring top professionals and experts related to the property management industry. Bonus episodes are called Five Minute Friday (FMF), providing tips and advice, every Friday, in five minutes or less. Tune in, have a listen, and subscribe today!

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Episode 1: Introduction and Orientation to Property Management Brainstorm

Bob Preston - Sunday, December 10, 2017

This first episode introduces the purpose of the Property Management Brainstorm series and also introduces the host, Bob Preston, the president, owner, and real estate broker of North County Property Group. Bob will brainstorm ideas and best practices related to rental homes, either as a long term rental to residential tenants or offering a second home as a vacation rental. Bob will be inviting experts and professionals to discuss topics related to property management so listeners can learn about things such as what type of insurance is recommended when renting a property, why are tenant laws important, what ordinances and codes are mandated in a rental home by the state of California, what tax implications should be considered on the rental income generated, etc. Bob further explains the direction of the Property Management Brainstorm podcast series and also provides an introduction to himself and his company, North County Property Group of Del Mar, CA as a backdrop for his interests and qualifications in bringing you this podcast series. This episode is always available for listening, sharing, or download at Property Management Brainstorm

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