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Episode 46: Creativity in Property Management, Featuring Nir Bashan, author of The Creator Mindset

Bob Preston - Thursday, October 1, 2020

As the host of the show, Bob often gets asked about the name of his podcast, Property Management Brainstorm. That often leads to the question, is Property Management a creative business? is the business of being a landlord and managing rental properties an open landscape for brainstorming and innovation? If asked, many of our listeners would answer "no" and they would not necessarily be wrong! Many property managers are still utilizing old school ways of doing things and the same processes they’ve been operating under for years. But from Bob Preston's perspective, he says “au contraire”. Bob suggests that in this business we call property management, we are undergoing a paradigm shift, with lots of room for creative thinking, innovation, and new ways of approaching how we run our businesses. In this episode, Bob discusses the topic of creativity and innovation in property management with Nir Bashan, author of The Creator Mindset, to who offers his insights on how we can and should be embracing change and creativity in our industry.

Topics Covered

[2:50] Nir introduces himself, talks about his background as a producer, and explains what led to his book The Creator Mindset.

[6:15] Bob and Nir discuss types of creativity and the "creator mindset."

[11:15] Are we at risk of losing our creativity in the pandemic era?

[13:45] Nir asks Bob how he got into property management.

[17:20] What can we do now to inject creativity to make sure we keep it in our property management organizations in 2021?

[23:40] What are the creative things that can be added to property management that add value for clients?

[26:30] Does COVID-19 threaten the creativity in our companies or can a crisis force us to embrace creative change?

[29:10] Are creativity and innovation the same thing and what impact does technology have on both?

[30:40] The role of company culture in fostering creativity. Do we need a ping-pong table?

[42:00] New challenges to creative thinking during the Zoom era.

[44:30] Nir shares a story of embarassment and failure which spirited a positive change and new directions in his life and career.

[48:08] Nir tells us about his book The Creator Mindset

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