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Spring Maintenance Tips in San Diego

Bob Preston - Monday, May 17, 2021
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Historically, the term “spring cleaning” is linked to Persian New Year. It falls on the first day of spring ,and part of the preparation to celebrate the event is to thoroughly clean the home. 

This annual heavy duty cleaning of one’s house is widely practiced by different cultures, especially in countries with cold winters that necessitate keeping the windows closed for months on end. 

Airing out the house and performing maintenance and organization-related tasks is a great way to refresh your home or rental property. Spring cleaning is also a perfect time to perform preventive maintenance in your San Diego home

Let’s take a look at some spring routines that can keep your property in top shape and help it retain its value.

What to Include in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Focus on your gutters and downspouts

Some of the most costly property damage is caused by water. Ensure you avoid this issue by cleaning the gutters and downspouts in your San Diego home or rental property. 

Get rid of any debris to limit water obstruction during rainy periods. By redirecting the rain, especially during the spring season, you’ll help protect your home’s roof and foundation, and discourage the presence of mold.

Fix your plumbing leaks

Perform regular inspections around your appliances and exposed pipes. One of the ways to spot water damage is finding a pool of water in a particular spot. 

plumbing leaks

Pools of water may appear near appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and dishwashers. 

Left ignored, this kind of water pooling could easily graduate to a mold and mildew situation leading to rot and structural damage. 

Inspect laundry areas and basements frequently, where water damage is also common.

Pay extra attention to mold and pest damage

Hidden corners like attics, shelves, and closet spaces can reveal nests or pest infestation. If you spot any of these signs in your San Diego home, be vigilant and hire an exterminator:

  • Pest droppings

  • Strong odors from droppings or dead pests

  • Damage such as fabric stains and holes

  • Gnaw marks on walls, floors and electric wires

  • Damaged plants

Mind the insulation

Skyrocketing electricity bills can come with a lack of proper housing insulation. Ensure that your San Diego home is property insulated, particularly around doors and windows. 

check insulation

If there are gaps then the heating or cooling system will only overexert itself to keep your home at a suitable temperature. So do your best to make sure your home is properly insulated.

Perform carpet cleaning

To make sure your air quality is topnotch, create a regular vacuuming schedule. This will keep your carpets cleaner for a long time, and will improve the respiratory health of you or your tenants.

To reduce wear and tear on your carpets, you can also include an annual steam cleaning. By making it a part of your spring cleaning repertoire, you can be sure that all the dust that has accumulated will be taken care of.

There’s nothing like a professional carpet cleaning that can make you feel more comfortable in your San Diego home.  

Prioritize cleaning your windows

It’s common for windows to be neglected, but dirty, smudged windows can reduce the freshness and appeal of your property. Here are recommendations for keeping your windows clean:

window cleaning

  • When cleaning, avoid overlooking the windowsills. Brush the dirt and dust clinging on the sills. Then wipe it using warm water. This helps make the opening and closing of windows far smoother.

  • Frequently spray your windows with cleaning solutions. You can make an organic cleaner by mixing vinegar, baking soda and lemon with water.

  • For easy glass cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth. They’re reusable and prevent streaks.

Find time to clean window treatments

Just as focusing on window cleaning is very important, so is cleaning window treatments. Remove curtains and draperies and wash them to remove dust that has collected in the fabric.

Be careful in handling more delicate fabrics and wash them manually, as opposed to thicker materials.

Avoid neglecting your appliances 

Just as you clean your furniture, perform a similar process with appliances also. Wipe the interior as well as the exteriors of your oven, refrigerator, and washer. Dust may gather in the corners and crevices. 

inspect appliances

Cleaning them with a damp cloth dipped in organic solutions from time to time leaves the appliances of your San Diego home looking brand new.

Put a spotlight on your bathroom surfaces

It’s natural to concentrate much of your attention on the big things, but it’s also essential to check the finer details of the house. 

Don't miss out on cleaning these spots in your San Diego home:

  • All door handles and even toilet flushes and light switches.

  • Bathroom surfaces, such as shower areas and soap and tissue holders.

  • Areas under your appliances.


Coat your walls with new paint. Put varnish on any untreated wooden furniture. Apply protective coat layers on bookshelves, closets, and kitchen cabinets. 


An often-neglected way to freshen up kitchens and bathrooms is to clean the grouting. 

Keeping your grout clean prevents mold from growing and leaves a refreshing glow to your bathroom and kitchen tiles. 

It also prevents water damage and reseals gaps created from long-term use.

Kitchen upgrades

To upgrade your kitchen area without a heavy price tag, you can upgrade your cabinets. 

You can also add some backsplash tiles to give the area a brighter and newer appearance.

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance: The Bottom Line

These Spring cleaning tips for your San Diego home or rental property are applicable year round. You can reduce the pressure of performing a rigorous spring cleaning by following these recommendations periodically. 

When you prioritize preventive maintenance, you prevent astronomical upkeep and maintenance costs in the future.

Spring cleaning can uplift your spirits and your home space. If you lack the time but want to experience a rejuvenated space, you can always enlist the services of an established property management company to coordinate upkeep and cleaning on your behalf. 

Engaging the services of professionals can let you focus on your own personal matters while still enjoying a perfectly clean home. One advantage that professional cleaners have is their equipment, training, and quality of cleaning materials used. 

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