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Best Beaches in San Diego

Bob Preston - Monday, January 18, 2021
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Whether you are looking to relocate to San Diego full-time or looking for a beachfront vacation property, there are plenty of beach-filled areas in and around San Diego to choose from. 

With 70 miles of beautiful coastline, San Diego County is home to many beaches. This means there’s an almost endless array of beach communities and small coastal cities for sunseekers. Each of these beach cities boasts its own unique vibe, culture, and real estate opportunities. 

While the city of San Diego is home to a number of wonderful neighborhoods, there are treasures to be found in nearby towns and cities as well. 

Whether you’re looking to rent a full-time residence or a part-time beach vacation property, there are options for every price range and neighborhood preference. As a San Diego property management company we felt it was our responsibility to help you better understand your options when deciding which San Diego neighborhood to call home, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beaches in the San Diego area.  

The Best Beaches in the San Diego Area


Located in beautiful north San Diego, the beach city of Carlsbad offers plenty of beachfront options for both single-family homes and condos. Carlsbad is named after Carlsbad State Beach, which is the perfect family-friendly spot for some sun, shopping, and great restaurants. 

carlsbad beach

Carlsbad is known for its excellent schools and reasonable rent prices. You might be slightly further away from the hustle and bustle of downtown San Diego, but many Carlsbad residents love the area for its more relaxed pace, family-friendly atmosphere, and good amenities. 

Some great activities in Carlsbad include:

  • The Carlsbad flower fields - over 50 acres of flower fields raising ranunculus bulbs! In addition to this farming area, there are also 5 acres of land designated for specialty flowers. The Carlsbad flower fields offers tours, event rentals, and activities for the whole family. 

  • Legoland is only a short distance away from Carlsbad and is a favorite full-day activity for kids and adults alike.

  • The Carlsbad Village Street Faire is a popular one-day street fair that is hosted by the city every spring.

  • Carlsbad is well known for its excellent breweries, restaurants, and golf courses.


True to its name “The Jewel” La Jolla is a thriving beachfront neighborhood at the edge of central and north San Diego. Known as an excellent tourist destination, La Jolla has plenty of shops, restaurants, and activities to keep you busy no matter your interests. 

La Jolla is a great area for boutique shopping and is considered to be one of the more trendy beach areas in San Diego. 

La Jolla is less family-focused than other San Diego beach towns, but still offers plenty to do for both kids and adults. 

la jolla

Some great activities in La Jolla include:


As you move further south along the San Diego coast, you move into neighborhoods more densely populated by college students and young professionals. Pacific Beach primarily consists of apartment and condo-style housing with rent prices increasing the closer you are to the water. 

As a neighborhood more catered to young adults, Pacific Beach is known for its trendy shopping and amazing brunch spots. 

Some great activities in Pacific Beach include:

  • Enjoying the nice weather with sunbathing and beachside bars along the stretch near Crystal Pier. You can even stay in over-water hotel villas right on the pier!

  • Catching a wave at one of San Diego’s most coveted surf spots Tourmaline Beach and Surf Park

  • Frequenting the many oceanfront hotels, rooftop patios, and luxury spas


Mission Bay is one of the more popular beach cities for tourists and vacation rentals, making this neighborhood a popular destination for all sorts of residents. 

mission bay beach

The primary beaches in this area—Belmont Park and Mission Beach—bring in thousands of families and tourists looking to enjoy the water, carnival games, and extensive beach boardwalk. 

Mission Bay real estate consists of primarily small apartment complexes and some single-family homes. This location is centrally located, making it easy to visit almost all San Diego attractions.

Some great activities in Mission Bay include:

  • The beachfront boardwalk boasts impressive views, carnival rides, arcades, and even a full-sized wave rider so you can practice your surfing skills before heading out in the ocean. 

  • Great location for all types of water sports including surfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and boat rentals.

  • Enjoy one of the shining stars of San Diego’s tourist attractions - SeaWorld!


Nestled just south of Mission Bay is Ocean Beach, a small community that is regarded as one of San Diego’s trendiest beach neighborhoods. This eclectic neighborhood offers unique retail and dining experiences such as tattoo parlors, trendy boutiques, thrift shops, and up-and-coming eateries. 

This area is extremely walkable with a small close-knit neighborhood feel. It’s primarily comprised of smaller sized single-family homes. 

Some great activities in Ocean Beach include:

  • Fishing at Ocean Beach Pier, one of the only locations in the city where you can fish without having to obtain a California fishing license.

  • Letting your dogs run free and enjoy the beach at Ocean Beach dog park.

  • Embracing the bohemian vibe of the neighborhood with fantastic eateries and small boutiques along Newport Avenue and Voltaire Street.


Del Mar is a beach city around 20 miles north of San Diego that offers a wealth of attractions, which is why it has been the home to numerous celebrities, including the songwriter Burt Bacharach, quarterback Drew Brees, and the world's third richest man, Bill Gates. 

Some other key features of Del Mar include:

  • The Del Mar Horse Races every summer on the Del Mar racetrack.
  • Spectacular ocean views from the bluffs along the coast. 
  • One of the only locations in the United States where Torrey Pine can be naturally found. 

Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Beachside Home in San Diego

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun on the northern shores or a hopping party scene along the coast, there is the perfect beach for everyone along San Diego’s impressive 70 miles of coastline. 

As a bonus, when you choose to live in one of the sunny communities in San Diego County, maintaining your property is generally much simpler than in overly cold or rainy climates. 

If you’re looking for help finding either a full-time home or a vacation property near San Diego, get in touch with the team at North County Property Group, who have extensive experience making beach dreams come true. 

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