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Introducing Our New Pet Policy and Guarantee

Bob Preston - Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Over the 18 years we've been in business we've learned a thing or two about managing properties with pets within our rental property portfolio. Over two-thirds of all rental applicants will have a pet(s). So, we have listened, learned and responded!

We want our property owners to feel comfortable that any pet(s) allowed in their home has been screened, vetted, and approved by our property management team. We further want our tenants to be comfortable that our move in costs related to pets are reasonable and affordable. This month we have launched a new Pet Policy and are officially launching our new Pet Guarantee.  The new pet policy is in place as of January 1st, 2018 with both the Pet Policy & Pet Guarantee. These policies are intended for our unfurnished, long-term rental properties only, and DO NOT APPLY to short-term/vacation rental properties. Our new Pet Policy is outlined below:

Pet Policy

The new long-term rental pet policy can be viewed on this link to our company website under "Pets and Animals" and reads as follows:

All pets will be subject to a separate $20 pet/animal screening (+$15 for a second animal) which will include providing a photo, name of breed, weight, veterinarian name and vaccine information, age of pet, as well as other information requested by registering each pet at the North County Property Group link on

Animal policies and restrictions vary from one property to another. Some dog breeds may be cause to rejection. As of January 1, 2018, there is no separate pet deposit. We do, however, charge a monthly pet rent of $50 ($75 if there are two pets). No more than two pets will be allowed per rental home.

Special consideration will be given to Service Animals that are registered and certified by documentation to assist a tenant with special medical or emotional needs (proper and current documentation will be required for verification as part of the pet screening process). As a standard policy, North County Property Group provide reasonable accommodations and follows HUD guidelines regarding assistance animals (FHEO-2013-01, Issued: April 25, 2013). The HUD memorandum outlining their guidelines can be found at this link on the HUD website.

Pet Guarantee

The new aspects of our pet policy and the way we have structured the pet admin and screening fee allow us to provide a guarantee that homes under our management will be protected against pet damages which are determined by us to be above and beyond normal wear and tear. We will pay for any damages, determined by us to be above and beyond normal wear and tear, exceeding the security and pet deposits caused by an approved pet up to $2,500 (excluding service animals). See more details about our Pet Guarantee by watching the video below:

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