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Del Mar "Disc Jockeys"?

Bob Preston - Monday, April 1, 2019
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As we approach the famous thoroughbred race season in our company's location of Del Mar, CA, our property management team at North County Property Group has noticed something new trending in our local horse racing community. Similar to many professional athletes, thoroughbred horses have started wearing Beats headphones by Dr. Dre during training sessions with their jockey. We decided to do some poking around in town on this and have corroborated some yet to be announced news. 

In response to the trend, the Del Mar Race Track Authority (RTA) has sanctioned the use of Beats headphones for the horses during warm up exercises and as they walk onto the track before the race. According to the RTA, this will allow the thoroughbreds to warm up and make their entrance in a similar way to NBA and NFL stars as they go through their pregame routines before a game. Dr. Dre has embraced the thoroughbred racing community and is now sponsoring top racing horses to wear his iconic Beats headphones. Dr. Dre has also released a new model called Beats Thoroughbred Pro, which comes in a variety of colors:  Black, White, Chestnut, Spotted Gray, and Palomino. To maintain track safety and consistency of ambient sound, all jockeys who ride the horses will require certification as a professional "disc jockey".  The DJ play lists will be restricted to only a few songs (all bugle instrumentals) with titles such as "First Call", "Time to Mount", "Place Your Bets Before the Race Starts", and "Hey, Everybody, the Horses are Going Onto the Track". 

The RTA further commented that for next year's thoroughbred season, they will consider allowing the horses to get tattoos and wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory. For more information on this story visit 

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