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North County Property Group Featured in San Diego Business Journal

Monday, March 30th, 2015





North County Property Group was recently featured and ranked by the San Diego Business Journal in its top 20 list of Residential Property Management Companies (San Diego Business Journal, March 23, 2015, page 58). The top 20 list ranked property managers based on the total number of units or “doors” under management.  In this regard, NCPG was ranked #16, with it’s 110 properties under management, a growth of 30% year-over-year and jumping up nine places from last year’s position as #25.

Of particular interest and importance, however, is NCPG’s total value of homes under management, coming in at a very high value of $132 million. Most other property management companies have a high number of “doors” due to multi-tenant dwellings such as apartment buildings with lower rent levels and potentially highly problematic units.  NCPG focuses exclusively on the high-end of the residential property management market.  It’s 110 properties, all single family homes with a combined value of $132 million, show a dedication by NCPG to its strategy, ranking #1 from the perspective of average portfolio home value. NCPG’s average home value of $1.2 million was far higher, more than two times the average home value, than its next ranked competitor.

What does this statistic mean?  First, it shows NCPG’s dedication to its position in the high-end, Interstate-5 coastal corridor of the residential property management market. Second, it shows that NCPG is capable and confident in managing exquisite homes and condos as well as trusted by owners to attract top caliber tenants. If you’re searching for efficient and attentive North County San Diego real estate professionals to manage your beautiful home, look no further than North County Property Group. The proof is in the numbers!

Located in Del Mar (Carmel Valley), California, North County Property Group provides real estate sales & leasing,  property management, and vacation rental services in the various communities throughout the greater North County San Diego area (click here to see communities served). 

For more information about North County Property Group, visit, or contact the company at 12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 145, San Diego, CA 92130, USA; Tel: 858.792.5797; Fax: 858.777.5451; E-mail: to learn how we’re redefining real estate sales and leasing, property management, and vacation rentals in North County San Diego.

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