Post-Drought Yard Maintenance Tips

May 23, 2017

by Lailan Ghafur

Although the drought has been declared officially over by Governor Brown, he believes we should make drought-proof living a lifestyle, not a temporary measure, he wants “to maintain water conservation as a way of life” . That way, we are preventing further catastrophes and preserving water for generations to come. Follow the following tips to keep your yard looking great, while being water-conscious at the same time!  

  • Plant Perennials–  They give you the same color payoff as flowers but require less water!
  • Opt for Ornamental Grasses–  Ornamental grasses are a great drought-proof option and need very little watering. Some great ornamental grass         options are: Blue Oatgrass, Purple Fountaingrass, and Pampas Grass.
  • Decorate your yard with gorgeous Succulents– Adding succulents to your yard add color and texture. They are a great way to add some flare to your garden while remaining water-conscious. 
  • Swap out grass for gravel or stones– This a low maintenance option that requires no water and gives your yard a contemporary look. 
  • Embrace the Turf-  Grass is the most high-maintenance item in your yard; in addition to being a water-guzzler, it requires a lot of upkeep such as fertilizing, aeration, seeding, etc. By choosing artificial turfs you bypass all the maintenance associated with natural grass, while reaping the same benefits. 
  • Harvest Rainwater from gutters-  It is as simple as it sounds. Just harvest rain water into a tank and later use this water for all your gardening needs! 

Keeping in mind these tips, there are still permanent restrictions on wasteful water practices such as:

  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveway and other hardscapes;
  • Washing cars with hoses that aren’t equipped with a shut-off nozzle;
  • Using water features that use non-recirculated water.
  • Watering lawns in ways that cause runoff, or with in 48 hours of measurable rain.

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