Features Buyers Most Want in a New Home

What are the features most wanted in a home by new buyers?By Bob Preston

I get the opportunity to speak with many buyers and prospective renters during the process of looking for a new home. The things I hear the most are “Ocean View”, “West of Interstate 5”, “Steps from the Beach”, and other similar features related to the North County San Diego coastal lifestyle. Those items, according to recent research by NAHB, don’t even make the list.

So what are the features in a home most wanted by buyers?  The list may surprise you! Take a look at the chart to the left and also watch the video to see the answers. Number 1 on the list is modern and energy efficient appliances.  Does that surprise you?  Feel free to leave your comments in this blog!  Let us know what you want most in your dream home and we’ll tally our own list based on reader responses.






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