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Connect with us on social media!

As a general rule, at North County Property Group we try to keep up with our blogging by sharing useful and relevant information on the North County San Diego real estate, rental, and home prices market.  We share information on our blog continually in an effort to stay current and to keep our customers and tenants current.  Another great way to track what is going on is to engage with us through social media.  What do we mean by “engage”?  Depending on which social media site it could mean “follow”, “friend”, “connect”, “subscribe”, “comment” and even “review” us.  We share all of our blog posts through social media and also share interesting San Diego County news, listings, and insights on a regular basis … in other words it is a great way to stay up on North County Property Group but an even better way to stay informed about what is going on in the local real estate market.

Here are Some Social Media Locations Where You Can Find Us!

Link to the North County Property Group Channel on FacebookI’m guessing most of you by now are familiar with Facebook although some of you may not yet be active in posting.  That’s OK if you are not active, you can still access our facebook page, view our profile and posts, and keep up on what is going on in the market.  You can also view what others are posting and commenting and who is following us.  If you are a facebook member and you like what you see, click “like” to join our following and keep up with us through this social media outlet. Click here to link to North County Property Group on Facebook

You can follow North County Property Group on TwitterAnyone who follows sports or the entertainment industry hears about the various “tweets” people make out to their followers.  We use Twitter at North County Property Group to circulate news and market updates as we see or hear about them through short snippets, usually including a link to a news story or market data.  These snippets are called “tweets” and if you click on the Twitter link to the left you can see some examples and if you like what you see you can “follow” us on Twitter. Click here to link to North County Property Group on Twitter

Connect with our YouTube ChannelOne of the best ways we are able to showcase our property listings is by showing a video or virtual tour. YouTube allows us to have our own North County Property Group “channel” where visitors can view virtual tours of our various properties for sale, lease, or vacation rental.  We work with professional photographers and videographers to create these virtual tours and further promote our listed properties through social media outreach and promotion.  Click here to link to North County Property Group on YouTube

Connect with us on Google Plus

Another cool place to connect with North County Property Group and track our updates and information is on Google Plus.  With the growth of gmail as the defacto email standard, Google Plus has increasing become easy to connect with other users of the gmail and Google platform. The think I like about Google Plus is that the platform allows us to have multiple pages, almost like a mini-website with information about us, our photos, and our updates all on separate tabs.  Check it out on our Google Plus page!  Click here to link to North County Property Group on Google Plus

Connect with us on Google Places

 G0ogle Places has also become an important way for local business to get information about their company and services out to prospective clients.  A map and direction to the business locations, photos, lists of products/services, hours of operations, as well as user reviews are ways in which Google Places allows us to connect with people exploring North County Property Group for real estate sales and listing, property management, or vacation rentals.  Check us out on our Google Places page!  Click here to link to North County Property Group on Google Places

Connect with us on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media photo-sharing website that allows users to create a bulletin board style exhibit and manage collections of images into different categories. It works great for North County Property Group in sharing our listings and homes for sale, lease, vacation rentals to showcase their features and amenities with actual photographs.  Visitors to our boards can browse and “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos. Click here to link to North County Property Group on Pinterest

Connect with us on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website for connecting professionals and businesses.  It is a great platform for North County Property Group to connect with other brokers or agents in exchanging information of about the real estate market, listings, or cooperation in various neighborhoods. It is also a good social media location to showcase facts about North County Property Group, our services, and recruit new staff members.  Click here to link to North County Property Group on LinkedIn

Connect with us on YelpYelp is more of an online city guide (as opposed to social media site) that helps people find cool places and great local businesses.  Yelp allows us to feature our services, explain our business, and make offers to encourage visitors to your page to contact us to learn more. The site also encourages consumers to write reviews and connect with other with other consumers through the site to make recommendations to their networks of business where they have had a good experience. Click here to link to North County Property Group on Yelp

We sincerely hope you will consider joining us on some of the social media sites and connect with us in other locations!  We have a lot to share and will do our best to keep you informed and up on current market trends.

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