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Property Management, Rental Application Process

Rental Application Process

Submitting a rental application to North County Property group is an online process through a PC, laptop, or mobile device. To submit a rental application for one of our properties, please follow theses steps:

1. To make sure you have the qualifications needed to rent the property of interest, please review in advance the North County Property Group rental application criteria and tenant selection process (Click Here). Understanding our criteria in advance may avoid disappointment later if your application happens to be denied.

2.  Be prepared in advance to provide supporting details and documents requested in the application process. Incomplete applications will be delayed or possibly denied. Information and documents to prepare in advance includes:

  • Previous residential history locations, dates, and previous landlord names with telephone and email information.
  • Employer information, income/salary, supervisory name and contact, PDF or photo snapshot of your two most recent pay stubs. Self employed individuals must provide their most recent two years personal federal tax returns (full and complete, signed).
  • PDF or photo snapshot of your drivers license or photo ID passport.
  • PDF or photo snapshot of copies of bank statements showing cash balances (checking account, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts).

3. Each adult over the age of 18 to be named on the lease must apply and provide their individual information outlined in #1 above. Applications will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until all adults have submitted their applications. Examples include: both husband/wife, both domestic partners, all roommates, children residing in the home over the age of 18.

4. Be prepared with a credit card to pay the $45 application fee at the same time as the application is completed and submitted.

Property Management, rental application process

5. All pets are subject to a $30 pet screening fee, to be charged at move-in if your application is approved.

6. Go to the Long-term Rentals page on the North County Property Group website (Click Here) or follow these navigation graphics to find the Long-term Rentals page from our website home page:

7. Find your property of interest on the list of properties and click on “Apply Now”.

Property Management, apply now

8. Follow the online instructions to pay the application fee, provided information and documentation, complete the application, and submit to North County Property Group.


North County Property Group reserves the right to review the information submitted on ALL applications received for a property with the same general time frame, even if there are multiple applications from different prospective tenants, and make a tenant selection based on the most qualified applicant(s).

If assistance is needed in accessing the online rental application and completing the application process, you are welcome to come to the North County Property Group office during normal business hours (M-F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm). One of our staff members will help you find the application online and provide assistance in submitting your completed application.

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