8 Ways to get your Home Summer-ready!

Lailan Ghafur


Getting your home summer-ready doesn’t just mean dusting off the BBQ and pulling out the lawn chairs: It also means lightening and brightening up your home and getting it ready for the heat! Below are 8 ways to embrace the summer warmth in your home both inside and out
1. Bring the Outside In: Summer is a great time to add more greenery to your interior spaces. An easy way to achieve this, is by creating a small potted-herb garden or by adding hanging macrame planters, which are super on-trend for this summer. Adding foliage to your interior decor doesn’t have to be difficult, small touches like these can dramatically brighten up a space. If you are feeling handy, try a hanging garden wall that will add a contemporary feel to your outdoor space.
2. Change up your Bed Linens: Switch out your flannel bed sheets and opt for lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen to add a summery feel to your bedrooms.
3. Lighten up: Add bright colors in the way of vibrant art pieces or fresh-picked flowers.  Remove dark draperies that can make a space feel dark and heavy. Consider trading out your winter curtains for sheer fabrics that will let some light in and keep the heat out.
4. Turn-up your outdoor Space: Turn your deck or patio into an oasis that you and your family will love to lounge in. You can start by adding small decorative touches like outdoor pillows, linens or by simply putting up some string lights. If you have a little wiggle-room in your budget, incorporate a chiminea or fire pit for those crisp summer nights. These touches will help you keep warm and most importantly, will allow you to create lasting memories with your loved ones!
5. Embrace the summer scents: Incorporating summer scents is a really easy way to make your home feel summery! That can be done by changing out old candles and replacing them with lighter and fresher scents, such as lime, lavender, gardenia, or even coconut. Scents aren’t just limited to candles; you can add fresh flowers to your kitchen or bedroom, or add scented soaps to your bathrooms.
6. Clear your home of clutter: Put away knickknacks or extra clutter, to help give your home a lighter feeling. Store extra rugs or throws, as these items can make your home feel warmer, especially during the peak summer days. By making simple changes, you can help liven up your living space in a big way.
7. Wash away the Winter: You’ll say goodbye to winter dinginess and hello to the summer sun by washing your windows.With the sun at full strength, you’ll be dying to show off your newly washed windows.
8. Prepare for mosquitoes and critters: Experts say we should all be prepared for an extra “buggy” spring and summer. The big rains this past winter has fueled plant growth we’ve not seen in San Diego since 2005. That means a bumper crop of mosquitoes and other critters that can invade our yards. In addition to keeping an eye out for any standing water in the yard, did you know there are several plants and flowers that naturally deter mosquitoes? It’s true and here are just a few:
  • Marigolds: distinct aroma is a natural insect repellent
  • Basil: strong scent naturally deters mosquitoes and other insects
  • Lavender: in both living and dry form, actively repels mosquitoes
  • Peppermint:  smell helps drive away mosquitoes. It can also be crushed for use as an effective mosquito bite relief treatment
  • Rosemary:  has a long history of use as a mosquito repellent

Enjoy your home and the weather this spring and summer! Let us know if we can help in any way to change any aspects to your property!


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