7 Ways to Save Energy this Spring!

April 27,2017

by Lailan Ghafur

As springtime rolls in, BBQs fire-up, the sprinklers go on and in San Diego, so does the AC. As the weather gets warmer and the season transitions into summer, you may notice your electric bill go up. According to the Department of Energy, 6 percent of the average household’s energy use goes to space cooling. After blasting the AC all summer, you can end up with a very high electric bill, but fear not, with the beginning of a new season comes a new chance to find ways to save energy and money around your home.

  1. Install Energy efficient window treatments: Adding shades, blinds or films can benefit your home twofold: not only will you help reduce energy costs, but you will also improve your home’s aesthetics.
  2. Use ceiling fans: You can cool your home efficiently, while keeping your home comfortable.  You can reap the cooling benefits, while keeping your electric bill down, and according to the Department of Energy, “ventilation is the least expensive and most energy-efficient way to cool a home”.
  3. Try cooking al fresco: Cooking outside on warm spring evenings can be a lovely option and break-up the mundanity of weeknight dinners. Additionally, you will be keeping the heat out your house by firing up the grill!
  4. Opt for a cross-breeze: Instead of automatically reaching for the thermostat, open a window! By opening windows in a cross-wise direction you will naturally cool down your home.
  5. Maintenance your air conditioner: By regularly checking and replacing the air filters, you are helping your cooling system to run more efficiently, and in turn, lowering the overall energy consumption. Additionally, HVAC professionals suggest using the first day of spring as a reminder to perform an annual evaporator coil cleaning.
  6. Keep the warm air out: Not all upgrades to your home have to be expensive. By using caulk to seal cracks in windows, floorboards, etc., you are keeping the hot air out and money in your wallet.
  7. Program the thermostat: When you are not at home, program the thermostat to run at a higher setting. By making this minor adjustment, you can reduce energy costs by about 10 percent[1].

Improvements to your home do not have to be major or costly. Small changes and a bit of mindfulness in energy consumption can contribute in a big way. Check out the following infographic provided by the Department of Energy for more facts and tips about cooling your home.

[1] Source: Department of Energy

Energy Tips

[1] Source: Department of Energy

[2] Infographic by Sarah Gerrity, Energy Department

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