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Fall Preparation for San Diego Homes

Friday, October 9th, 2015

October 9, 2015

For people living in lovely San Diego, we miss out on the big changes that the rest of the country sees, which makes it hard to notice the different seasons. While our weather doesn’t change too drastically, fall preparation for San Diego is still very important.

This year may be an exception as a weather event called El Nino is on its way, which means we will have unusual weather for the region. The fall and winter are predicted to be very rainy in Southern California. As a property management group, we at North County Property Group look at a number of things for our clients to make sure their homes are ready for the new season. Here is a list of things to check before the autumn comes:


Furnaces and Gas Heaters

Keep things cozy with a well maintained furnace. Make sure you keep filters clean or replace them as suggested by the manufacturer. Having a professional inspection once a year is a great way to make sure it is in good working condition and not a safety risk. Poorly performing heaters and furnaces can waste lots of energy and money, as well as cause fires and leak carbon monoxide and other gases. Make sure to also check and clean the attached air ducts and heating vents.